11 July 2018

ordinary summer

Ordinary England

Summer, summertime! 

Wow, we're into our fourth week of this summer heatwave! The ground is parched the night time air stifling. We've not had a drop of rain, since...Well, I can't actually remember. 

As it's summer, let's celebrate our ordinary middle period of the year with a return to our Ordinary England series, with a summer special.

Local Wildlife

Ordinary England

Go for a weekend walk and bump into the local wildlife! Mixed in with the cows and horses we met up with these beautiful creatures! Just strolling around nonchalantly, without a care in the world. 

Amazing what you find when you look close enough. We also came face-to-face with a fox, although he didn't hang around for as long as these guys and girls. Although we did have a 10-second staring competition! Come to the Chilterns, see the local wildlife! 

Street Art

Over on our Instagram account, we've featured the street art of Shoreditch on more than the odd occasion. There is perhaps no more exceptional street art than this one. It's just stunning, and no words are required really. Just look and admire. 


Ordinary England

It's exhilarating, mind-blowing and great free activity for a couple of hours! I'm a plane geek, have been for as long as I can remember, so a visit to Heathrow is always fun. I know there's fractured debate about the third runway and the environmental harm. Important issues, but we'll leave that debate for another day!

The fun of trying to take a decent picture and watching these giants take-off and land is what draws so many. The day we went there were large groups of people with their radios, cameras and deck chairs! A harmless hobby that anyone can enjoy. 

Our Parched Land 

ordinary england

It hasn't rained for an age! Our green and pleasant lands are parched, more yellow than green.  That doesn't stop us from visiting the countryside in the summer and drinking in all its glory. There is no better place to be when the sun shines, trust me! 

Happy 'ordinary' summer! 


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