29 June 2018

one day in the wood

In My Wood


This is my wood! I say it's my wood when in fact it's just the wood that I grew up near, played in, walked and cycled in. So although it's technically not my wood, it is! In my head at least.

I love my wood, it's called Cowcroft and is in the heart of the Chilterns, on the edge of the village where I went through adolescence. I could see it from our garden, dark and imposing in winter. Colourful and inviting in summer. I'd walk our dogs in it, climb trees across the dells, hide in it, swing on ropes in it. Sit and chat with mates in it. I was lucky. 

Wood You Look At That!

Skip to 2018, for those heady days of playing have long since gone, and I still enjoy returning to it. Walking the paths once again (they haven't changed), reminiscing of those heady childhood days.  

Over the course of the next year and I'm going to watch and record how Cowcroft Wood changes with the seasons. See what magic each season brings. I hope you will join me?


Woodland areas are beautiful places to visit for your health and mental wellbeing. Breathing in the fresh air, listening to the sounds. Being at one with nature. They are free, perfect places to take the kids and you never know what you might find. What's not to like?

Cowcroft Wood

On to Cowcroft then, my wood! It's late June, and the summer is in full swing, the heat is peaking, the birds are singing. It's a sea of green and life, full of abundance and purpose. 


Stop for a moment and listen. You can hear the birds chirping away,  singing their happy songs. There is a gentle breeze moving the branches, and a 747 flying overhead! That's what you get living under the Heathrow flight path! It's a perfect moment away from the bustle of everyday life. It's also very green!! Beautiful shades of green. 


I walk the old routes, looking at the trees, I see the cows in the nearby field, chomping on the cud. There's no-one around. The bogs lack water, the paths hard. Life though is thriving. It's the perfect time to wander. 

This is my wood, Cowcroft Wood. I really hope you have one too? 


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