2 May 2018

a blast of colour - ordinary shoreditch

street art

A Blast of Colour 

Look close enough, and you'll find it - sometimes it's obvious, in your face. Other times it's got to be found, up above, down below, to the right and to the left. It's often political, in your face, sometimes funny, occasionally for promotion. What are we talking about?

Street art, graffiti. 

Come to the district of Shoreditch in London, and you'll find plenty of it. Stunning works of art from some of the best street artists around. It's worth every second of time you can give to seeking them out, admire them, Instagram them. Welcome to Ordinary Shoreditch.

Ordinary Art of Shoreditch

I've headed out during lunchtime seeking out the art. Wandering aimlessly around, stumbling across the artwork you see below. This collection of pictures showcases just a few of the incredible work people do, some of which may only survive for a few days before they are whitewashed over. Make haste and head to Shoreditch for your art fix! 

street art

street art

From portraits to the comical - on sides of buildings to hoardings, the imagery is stunning, thought-provoking and entertaining. 


So the next time you're in London, the Shoreditch area, check out the artwork, be inspired and marvel at the talent. Streetart should be embraced, especially when it's this good. 


If you want more inspired pieces, then take a look at our Instagram feed. We're always on the lookout for more.

Ordinary Shoreditch? Nah! 


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