22 April 2018

last train to leighton buzzard

beyond the back garden

Who loves a steam train ride? The click-clack of the wheels on the tracks, the gentle puff, puffing as the train moves out of the station. The smoke, the nostalgia of the great days of steam! Well, looking at the smiles on our little one's faces, I know the answer to that question. 

It's a rainy bank holiday! Nothing new there then, and we're headed for a steam train ride. Probably because we couldn't think of anything else as the weather was rubbish! So we head to a little narrow gauge railway attraction on the edge of a Bedfordshire town. The Leighton Buzzard Railway.  

steam trains


11 April 2018

the superfood curry company

Are You Hungry

Well if you are, then your tummy may start rumbling even more after reading this! You might also begin to crave for a curry! Out of the kindness of my heart and as we like to be a public service as well as a travel website, we're issuing a 'Serious Food Craving Health Warning.'

...Ok, with that now in place, let's continue by asking you a second question. 

Do you have a specific dietary need? Sorry to be a little personal but it's essential in the context of what follows. If you do, still read on as no-one is missing out. From time to time Sketches like to champion local talent, to date we've looked at artists and musicians, so this time we head into the world of catering.

Welcome, The Superfood Curry Company, a new enterprise risen from the ashes of the Cinnamon Travelling Cafe.  
Food company



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