16 March 2018

time to discover amazing england

Can you smell it? That slight whiff of the blossom floating on the wind? Lovely isn't it? Spring is my favourite season, the flowers are starting to raise their heads, life is returning to our gardens and fields. The weather is starting to warm up (although we're due another blast of cold air!)  

In the final post of our special week of travel inspiration, we head home, delving into what makes England a fantastic country to explore. Just another ordinary week? Nah! 


ordinary england

There aren't many places you can find a bit of peace and tranquillity. Cities never seem to sleep, trains are always crowded. A village churchyard, however, is such place. Always peaceful, they are a great lunchtime spot for a few moments away from a computer screen, and they make for a beautiful place to sit and contemplate, to listen to nature chorus and reflect. Try it the next time you walk by one.

Visit any village or small town, and you'll probably find a church similar to our local one shown above. Some are the centerpiece, others tucked away down a side road. They are well worth exploring and if the sun is shining, all the better. We all need a few moments of peace, perhaps these are the places we should go?


ordinary england

There are moments when you just think, wow, what a view. This was one of those moments while crossing the River Thames. It was dusk, the light was perfect. The city looked perfect. 

If you're visiting London then a walk along the river is a must-do. You'll see plenty of the London sights, there are is a plethora of food and drink places (Borough Market being one such place) and if you are there at the right time a festival or two. It's the perfect way to see London - enjoy!

Our Tube

ordinary england

I love the tube, it's the most fantastic transport network in the world! A big claim but if you've read these pages before you'll know how much I like it. Ok, so the trains are often late, or there is a signal failure! They have no, or hardly any air-conditioning, but it's iconic, is incredibly convenient and travel around the city would be a lot harder without it, even with it's faults. 

Let's not forget the iconic London tube map - a work of art that continues to develop and grow with every passing year! The next time you journey on the Northern or District line just take a moment and think about how lucky we are! Let's love our Tube!

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and the other pieces in our Just Another Ordinary Week series. I hope we've given you an insight and some inspiration. Enjoy the everyday ordinary things! I know I will.  



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