14 March 2018

into inspiring india


India is a country that provides photographic gems, experiences and taste sensations for any that seek to find it. In the second of our 'Just Another Ordinary Week' series, we delve a little deeper into the magic this country conjures up. 

Days in Delhi


There are some incredible treasures to be found in and around the city of Delhi. A tour to some of these spots was the order of the day

Striking and grand, these tombs and monuments to the past are places you need to explore. A word of warning for us foreign nationals. You are charged more than locals. Not an issue but well worth remembering



It's India's sporting passion, no, let's go further than that, it's almost a sporting religion. It can only be cricket! A sport that confuses those that aren't aware of their off-side leg, silly point and so on. To the millions that do love it, well, no words. It's everything. 

India is cricket crazy. No matter where you are there will be a game taking place close by. Like here on concrete with the wicket drawn onto the wall. This game was taking place in the forecourt of a religious area, so no such place it seems is sacred to a game of cricket. To add further weight, take when the national team play, some 400 million people watch it! That's a lot of fans! 

Can you spot the ball? Wonder if he bowled him out?

You go first, no, you go first!


I don't think this picture can really portray just how noisy and busy this road was. Buses, cars, people, bikes and rickshaws. All trying to go about their business. All going in opposite directions! It's any wonder they manage to work it all out! That though, is how it is in the crazy city of Delhi. Not just on the side streets, but pretty much every road! 

Mayhem, yes, but all done without argument (well it seemed that way to me!) This is how I remember India from the past, it's how India is today, and I wouldn't want it any other way.

India, you never cease to amaze me. 

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