28 February 2018

searching for stones

Blimey, it's cold enough to freeze your... (insert own word here)

Forgive me for starting this way, but as an Eastern blast of cold air and snow hits the UK, so-called 'The Beast of the East', I decide to go out and look for stones. Good timing! 

As it transpires, the weather was great, if a little cold and I discovered I'm useless at finding things! Utterly useless. There was me thinking the challenge of seeking out some painted rocks in and around our village would be easy! Was it heck! 


A Little Background

Before we get into our hunting attempts, its appropriate for those that aren't up on their stone searching to give some background. Seeking out painted rocks or stones has become a national craze. It started, like most crazes in America and has skimmed its way across the pond to the UK. Residents of villages and towns throughout the country are finding painted stones in all manner of places. Some are kept, most are re-hidden. It's a craze that is spreading a little joy, it's also interactive and fun (painting and finding), and what better way to get our bums off our seats. 

Seeking Out Stones

Back to our cold Saturday morning. Thick coat on, I headed out alone on the first attempt, eyes peeled to the ground, looking behind dustbins, in hedgerows, on every corner of every street. Could I find one? No! See I'm useless. 

So we tried again the next day, same weather conditions, blue skies, chilling to the bone, just that this time K joined me. Eagle-eyed and full of enthusiasm, perhaps having youthful eyes would help the cause? Did it just. A bit like London buses, wait and eventually three will come along in quick succession. Having found the first one we leapt with joy, smiles on both our faces. Then we saw another and another! It was great fun.

They come in all shapes and colours, some just paintings, others with words of wisdom that put a smile on your face. You seek, you find, you re-hide. It's was as simple as that. 

Just A Passing Craze?

What a great way to get out and about, beyond the back garden! You'll find many Facebook pages dedicated to the cause, so make sure to check out your local area. You'll find families posting their finds, proud having succeeded in their stone hunting mission. I now know exactly what they mean. 

So, get your coat on, head out and seek some stones. You'll enjoy it, I promise. I'm off to paint some rocks and find some more! Ta, ta. 



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