29 December 2015

why lego should be in your life

The Christmas turkey has been well and truly eaten, gifts opened, friends and family entertained. If you, like me have finally got a bit of time to look through the gifts given, you'll either be very happy with them or about to take various item(s) back to shops. Santa gave me some Lego this year, I know I'm not a kid anymore but who can argue against a bit of the brick or in this case Technic pieces to fill in the gap between Christmas and New Year? 

From the Lego Bulldozer kit
Building Blocks
So why should everyone have some Lego in their life? I'm sure many of you have had it as kids and then long left it behind to gather dust. Perhaps to return to it once you have introduced it to your own children? Since M & K came along my love for Lego has returned and some. If however you have remained childless then that shouldn't deter you from finding those dusty bricks or visiting a Lego store and giving it a go. Here's three reasons why you won't regret it..

1) Its fun 
2) Its a great stress reliever - takes you away from distractions like phones and the everyday stresses we all face.
3) Its educational - the Technic sets are a great way to understand how mechanics. 

Lego Technic

Technic Lego
The Bulldozer slowly coming together
The Bulldozer 
This Christmas I was given a bulldozer! It's not the biggest in the Lego Technic collection and probably not the hardest to build, but what fun. The joy comes in discovering how its put together and what each component does and how each individual section connects to create this wonderful machine. This set has 600+ pieces so will provide you with a few hours of fun. And once it's complete and you want a change, this set gives you a second vehicle to create, giving you hours more fun. 

The Bulldozer taking shape
Why you should have Lego in your life
Lego isn't cheap, some sets are upwards of £160+, but the entertainment far outweighs the expense. And there are some bargains out there. It could be argued (please do in the comments) that it's the greatest children's toy invented? Knocking down all barriers, bringing together young and old, across both all genders and race. So whether its the Technic sets or just the coloured bricks, it doesn't really matter. Go on give it a try, go and build, be creative and salute the wonder of Lego.  


When was the last time you built something with Lego? It would be great to hear about or see your creations, just click on any of the social media channels at the top of the page. Happy building..



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