30 December 2015

the best of sketches in travel december

Well the Christmas pudding should have digested. The turkey is well and truly devoured and the presents already used, broken or returned! Hopefully it was a joyous time for you? The new year is now fast approaching and as always Sketches looks back at the month before moving on. This month, music has featured heavily as has testing out the superb Suunto Traverse GPS watch and Lego! So in no particular order here is the months best bits and the top picks from the year.

Selfridges - Bond Street
European Life Magazine -  This months article for the luxury magazine was about shopping. Well it is that time of year and the sales are now in full swing. Selfridges is one of the UK's premier shops, a place for luxury and decadence. It's also quite a tourist attraction that should feature on any visitors itinerary to London. Follow the link to learn more Shopping at Selfridges

Shopper Lottie Magazine - Although we've spoken about this wonderful folk group on Sketches before, we decided to write a slightly different article about the folk trio, Said the Maiden. Their delayed EP will launch in the early new year (10th January) so here's a chance to see their new video and make sure to order your copy. They have a big 2016 ahead of them, click on the link for more Said the Maiden

Said the Maiden
Suunto Traverse Amber - I was given the opportunity by the wonderful people at Suunto to test out the new Traverse GPS watch. A luxury accessory for the adventure and sports market. With an abundance of functions it's a watch that not only looks good but is also the perfect accompaniment for a skiing trip to a hike. There's also a new review at Shopper Lottie Magazine. Click on the link to see the full review Suunto Traverse

Sweet Billy Pilgrim - We all have our personal favourites when it comes to albums and songs that we've loved throughout the year. Here was my choice from Sweet Billy Pilgrim - Motorcade Amnesiacs. Trust me when I say you will be drawn in by their mix of sounds Sweet Billy Pilgrim

Most popular posts from the Year
As a final look at the year I've also included the best posts from the Sketches year. 

1) The most popular post was when I visited the wonderful Corfe Castle in Dorset The 1040 to Corfe Castle

2) A different type of post, linking Coffee with Travel. What's not to enjoy about sitting at a cafe watching the world go by?  
Coffee and travel

Cafe Culture 

3) The Boeing 747 changed travel forever and we celebrated that with this post Boeing 747


Can I just take this opportunity to thank all my readers for your support and comments throughout the year. I honestly cannot believe the huge steps this blog has taken and without you I wouldn't be writing this. So thank you and I do hope you will be joining me as we continue Sketches journey into 2016. I wonder whats around the corner?  Wishing everyone a safe and prosperous new year.


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