15 December 2015

sweet billy pilgrim

Motorcade Amnesiacs 

Music makes for a great Christmas gift and if you are prepared to push the boat out and go with someones recommendation that isn't part of mainstream pop music then this is for you. We've been featuring music quite a lot recently so it felt appropriate to add another strand by giving you Sketches album of the year. Sweet Billy Pilgrim released Motorcade Amnesiacs back in the early summer and to say its an absolute corker is not an exaggeration.

Sweet Billy Pilgrims latest offering

This is an album that takes you on a music journey through a landscape that is actually quite hard to define. On the one hand rock, throw in a little prog rock and a touch of acoustic guitar and some harmonies and you are kind of there. Just when you think a song has found its rhythm, it decides to head off in a different direction. Taking you on a completely different journey. Some songs start slowly and build to crashing conclusion such as the wonderful Ffwd To the Freeze Frame, which like a good thriller has a wonderful twist (like I mentioned above) towards the end. Other tracks bound along like a well-oiled pop song, dding in wonderful choruses that you will hum for days and days. Just above Midtown, the video featured, is testament to that. There are also times when its all driving guitars. I could go on but don't want to spoil the enjoyment. 

Sweet Billy Pilgrim
Some bands get the plaudits, the attention and the record sales to boot. Some though create fabulous music and hardly get a look in, but should. Sweet Billy Pilgrim are one of these such groups. Even though they were nominated for the Mercury Prize with their second album; Twice Born Men. They deserve so much more. So if this Christmas you're looking for some new music to discover? Then may I suggest you take a look at this wonderful band. They really do deserve your attention. 


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