11 December 2015

bauble bowls

Travel Games - Bauble Bowls
You've put the Christmas tree up and you have a few moments to spare in-between wrapping presents, preparing office party dresses or heading out to a Christmas Market. In those brief moments of spare time here's a little game you can play, call it a festive travel games special from Sketches. They sometimes sparkle or shine in the bright lights. And to be honest demand your gaming attention. So if you have a few spare lying around then perfect. Or if not just take them off the tree so that you can have a quick game of Baubles bowls!

Pick your Bauble! 

The Rules 
This is really just a simplified version of crown green bowls adapted for the indoors. So all you need is a smooth surface and a bit of room. Perhaps the hallway would be a good starting point? From thereon the rules are as follows..

* Each player has four baubles if playing individually or two each if playing in pairs.
* Pick a smaller golden or silver coloured bauble as the jack.
* Throw the jack down the hall or open space. 
* The idea is the team who gets their bauble(s) the closest wins a point. If more than one of your balls are the closest, then that's two, three or four points respectively. That will complete the first end.
* Play as many ends as required until the first team or individual reaches 21 points. 

Bring some bauble fun to your Christmas preparations
Baubles Bowls
The concept seems easy and fun to boot. Although with one side being weighted down by the hanging section (if that's what its called?) it means some skill is required. A word of warning to anyone playing with youngsters, baubles can shatter easily so perhaps don't play it around them. And to get into the festive spirit why not add in a glass or three of mulled wine? What better way to lose yourself for an hour or two on a dark Christmas evening? 

Why not share in your bauble games by sending in pictures or telling us your tales of winning or woe? Thanks as always for your support and happy bauble bowling.


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