4 December 2015

5 reasons to get out and about this december

Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat!
Yes its the season to be jolly, eat to much, drink a little more than normal, indulge in too many chocolates, exchange gifts and then start thinking about how to get the weight we've just put on, off! So before / during / after, heading to the office party or meeting up with the relatives. Sketches gives you it's monthly reasons to get out and about. This time its the five steps to a perfect Christmas

I is for Ice Skating: London has them aplenty and many major towns around the UK have them too. Over the last five years or so outdoor skating rinks have become a feature of the run up to Christmas and beyond. So why not put those wholly scarfs and hats on and get skating. The Natural History Museum has one, as does Somerset House in London, giving you that added ambiance to the fun of constantly falling over! 

N&C is for Nativity and Carols: Sometimes we need a little reminder that Christmas is not just about giving and receiving presents. So why not add an extra element to the Christmas run up and visit a carol service or perhaps a live nativity? Many villages and towns are holding these events that incorporate many people from many different backgrounds and faiths. What's not to like about a live nativity with live animals, carols and sketches? Or singing along to a few hearty carols around an open fire? 

C is for Christmas Markets: OK, so if you read last months 5 reasons you'll know I mentioned them there. Well they are a great way to get into the Christmas spirit, literally! What's not to like about having a warm mug of mulled wine or cider? Buying a great little gift or some decorations for the tree? Many towns have a German style market, others venture down the Victorian route. The National Trust hold Victorian themed events at their properties and one of the more popular examples of the Christmas Market is held in Bath. 

P is for Pantomime: "It's behind you". "Oh no they are not!" "Oh yes they are!" The Panto is one of the great British Christmas traditions. Bizarre perhaps to many from outside the UK, but incredibly popular. If you are visiting you may wonder what the fuss is all about. People mucking around making silly jokes. Grown men dressing up as women in outrageous makeup and women dressing up as men. Panto is Britain's take on the traditional fairy tale. Cinderella, Aladdin to name two. Great family fun, with a few famous celebrities and lots of jokes and fun thrown in for good measure. Any town with a theatre will probably have one and its a great way to keep the kids entertained for a couple of hours. Want to get a feel of the Christmas season in the UK, then go see a panto!

LP is for visiting your local pub: There is something rather comforting about visiting a cozy looking pub which has an open fire and serves a good old pint of warm British beer during the Christmas period. Well it is the time to indulge a little and what better way than to find a good pub and meet up with friends for a chat or take the parents for a winter warmer after a long walk. Many pubs will have special winter ales and beers to choose from. Cheers!

So there we are, 5 reasons to get off the sofa and out and about this December. Turning that Christmas run up into a celebration itself, full of fun and frolics. Have you got any suggestions? Then please let me know. And if you find a good pub selling a great winter beer and please let me know...I'll be the one at the end of the bar! 

Thanks as always for your support. It really is appreciated. This is the first Travel Days of Christmas post. So be sure to look out for the others in the run up to Christmas.  



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